Regular lawn maintenance helps your lawn look beautiful and stay healthy.

Looking for a reputable lawn maintenance company in Mason, OH?

We understand a lawn isn't just grass - it's an investment. An investment of not only time and money, but also an investment in your home's value.

Of course you want your lawn to look perfect.

Mow Mason will help your lawn look beautiful and stay healthy and assist you in achieving the perfect lawn you've always wanted.

Our professionals provide lawn maintenance services that help keep your grass green and lush, eliminate clover or dandelions and prevent crabgrass from appearing. A healthy lawn also helps prevent diseases.

Our professionals can tailor a lawn care approach for your yard, based on their knowledge of the specific area, considering everything from climate to average rainfall rates.

Our Lawn Maintenance Programs are:

• Planting

• Mowing

• Weed removal

• Turf installation

• Irrigation

• Fertilization

• Edging

• Mulching

We provide annual contracts and per cut options for mowing services (include in mowing; edging of walkways, sidewalks and driveways during every visit, string trimming all obstacles, and blowing clippings from all hard surfaces).

Bagging services are also available upon request, however, it is better for the lawn & for the environment to finely chop clippings and sprinkle them back into the turf.

Why choose Mow Mason?

• Exceptional Value

• Expert lawn maintenance service at a competitive price

• Environmentally Responsible

• Superior Service

• Winter Services

We serve all your lawn maintenance needs. We specialize residential property maintenance, lawn mowing,  lawn care, lawn fertilization, aeration and spring or fall cleanup services.

We offer a genuine, honest and reliable lawn care service to you with dedication to customer satisfaction. Our goal is to make your lawn be the envy of your neighborhood. Our service will even comply with your schedule.

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